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Why Join our Applied Machine Learning for Professionals?

Machine Learning is re-shaping and revolutionising the world and disrupting industries and job functions globally. It is no longer a buzzword - many different industries have already seen automation of business processes and disruptions from Machine Learning. In this age of machine learning, every aspiring data scientist is expected to upskill themselves in machine learning techniques & tools and apply them in real-world business problems.

In this particular course we dive deep to understand complex machine learning models and there relative usage in the industry.

Industry based Curriculum

Our corporate partners are deeply involved in curriculum design ensuring that it meets the current industry requirements for data science professionals.

  • Understand how Machine Learning and Data Science are disrupting multiple industries today.
  • Linear, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree and Random Forest algorithms for building machine learning models.
  • Classification and Regression problems in machine learning
  • Ensemble Modeling and techniques like Bagging and Boosting
  • Support Vector Machines (SVM) and Kernel Tricks
  • Reduce dimensions using techniques like Principal Component Analysis (PCA
  • Evaluate machine learning models and improve them through Feature Engineering
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques like k means clustering and Hierarchical Clustering
  • Portfolio Capstone Project

6.9L Average CTC | 45% Average Salary Hike

Download Applied Machine Learning ( AML ) Detailed syllabus for complete information.

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Our Alumni Work for Amazing Companies

Our programs are designed to give you the skills you need to be successful in your career.

Key Features of Weekend Offline Learning Structure

We make sure that each and every student gets personalized learning experiance with these unique features.


The entire duration of the program is for 4 Months, Every weekend 4 hours session will be conducted.


This program expects candidate to have minimum 3+ years of experience and comfortability in college-level statistics.


Our Faculties are not only eminent trainers but full time Data Science and AI practitioners.


For Smooth career transition we provide personalised mentoring in regards with your experience and industry.


In the time span of 4 months we will be conducting 150+ hours of session to get you smooth transion in the world of Data.


Lab work and projects will be given every week to give you better understanding of the subject.

Case Studies on following companies

In Data Science Masters Program we incluede Case Studies and Projects from these set of Companies Datasets.As a part of the curriculum you will be doing
8 hands-on projects and 1 capstone project under the guidance of a mentor.


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