All about PyCaret in conversation with Mr Moez Ali and Mr. Aniruddha Kalbande ( Ep 06 )


In episode 6 of the Fireblaze Podcast, We discuss all the details about PyCaret with Its founder and Author Mr. Moez Ali.

Key questions discussed.

  • Q1. – How was your early education and background? 
  • Q2. – Can you tell us about the exciting journey from the commerce domain to transiting in Analytics? 
  • Q3. – Previous work experiences and projects? 
  • Q4. – Motivation behind founding PyCaret? 
  • Q5. – How much time does it took for development and what were your challenges in designing. 
  • Q6. – What were you go-to market strategies which launching version 1? 
  • Q7. – How are you building the team and contributors for PyCaret? 
  • Q8. – What would be the life cycle for a project in Data Science and Machine Learning using PyCaret? 
  • Q9. – PyCaret is a huge success with more than 1,70,000+ downloads so moving ahead what is your vision for PyCaret and where do you see it in the coming days? 
  • Q10. – What are the new features we should look forward to in the coming new versions of PyCaret? 
  • Q11. – What would be your Word of Wisdom for all the new learners and data science enthusiasts?

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