Key challenges and the roadmap to get into Data Science with Mr. Vijay Pravin Maharajan. ( Ep 04 )


In episode 4 of the Fireblaze Podcast,

We have a very wonderful guest with us in this episode i.e Mr. Vijay Pravin Maharajan, He is a  ‘40 under 40 Data Scientists’ Awardee in India.

He is working with Siemens, as a Customer & Analytics Solutions Expert – BA in Germany. The host for the session is Mr. Sajin Madhavan.

Key Takeaways –

  1. The journey of becoming 40 under 40 Data Scientists’ Awardee in India.
  2. Roadway to start learning Data Science.
  3. How important is coding for Data Science?
  4. Importance of Mathematics for Data Science.
  5. Application of Data Science in Railways.
  6. Will Julia overtake Python Programming for Data Science?
  7. Platforms used to get internships in the domain.
  8. Importance of LinkedIn.

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